Are you ready to stop just thinking about becoming a blogger and just take the leap to do it? Well I'm ready to help you get there!

These Sessions Are My Favorite!

There are so many things that we need help on but don’t really have the time to commit to longer hours and sessions to make it happen. That’s what these Think Tank sessions are designed to do.

What Is A Think Tank?

Traditionally speaking, a think tank is a mode of operation that encourages each member of the group to participate at their highest individual capacity. Any team or group can form a think tank to create a plan, discuss a challenge, or solve a problem.
The results of a think tank are plans, products, and processes that have been properly dissected, vetted, and formed. These outcomes represent the group’s best thinking.

Instead of this being a group thing, it’s you and I pushing through the things that you need the most work with.

  • During these sessions we:
  • Define the problem(s)
  • Identify priorities
  • Look into risks
  • Deep dive with questions
  • Walk away with practical solutions that can be implemented right away–not generic solutions.

Topics I Work With:

  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Work
  • Sewing
  • Starting a Business
  • Course Creation
  • Product Launches
  • Product Creation
  • Monetization Techniques
  • Parenting

You have created your own unique reality and are living your life according to your own unique path. 

Jen Sincero

Think Tank Sessions | $500

These are 1-hour sessions that can be booked as often as you’d like.

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