Business Coaching

Just Like A Sports Franchise Has Coaches, So Do Businesses

One of my favorite coaches in the world was Pat Riley when he was coaching the Knicks–yes, I realize I’m dating myself. He put each player where they needed to be in order to be successful. He coached them to their strengths and improved their weaknesses.

And that’s what I do too.

Whether you played sports, loved them or didn’t at all, there’s always been someone to coach, cheer, and push you forward to help you achieve a goal.

Just like they did, I will too.

Project-Based Coaching | $897/Monthly

This coaching is for a set amount of time where we are working together to complete a specific goal like writing a book or launching a course. 

First Month:

  • This is dedicated to defining the project, timeline, what completion looks like to you. 
  • We’ll be working to create a calendar with milestones as well as reviewing SMART goals. 
  • Deep dive into how to set your days up for success and achieve smaller goals. 

Following Months:

  • Weekly 1 hour calls discussing progress, homework, etc. 
  • Email access to my personal inbox. 

Business Coaching | $999/Monthly

This is an aggressive plan for those who have aggressive goals and are determined to make them happen. This plan is for goal diggers in every sense of the word and this is what we will do:

  • Create a business plan.
  • Narrow down your target audience.
  • Weekly 1 hour phone calls.
  • 1 “Uh-Oh” unplanned call monthly.
  • Homework that will keep you on track to achieving your goals.
  • Email access to me with a 24 hour response time.