Blog & Influencer Coaching

Are You Ready To Get Things Started And Moving Faster?

Blogging is one of the highest growing careers for people who want to work at home. As a blogger who’s been in the game from the time that it was just about words to now, where it’s about more than just words, I can tell you that it’s hard. There’s so much information out there that can lead you astray, confuse you, and make you feel like you developing your own piece of the internet isn’t worth it and I’m here to tell you to stop that!

Your story should be heard.

Your words matter.

And I want to help you get heard.

This Is Not A Feel Good Experience!

No, friends, this is not that rub you on the back and tell you everything you’re doing is right kind of experience.

This is the deep dive, point out what you’re doing wrong, and help you get it right thing.

So what does coaching look like? Well, that depends on you, the plan you choose and your goals! But some of the things we’ll be going over are:

  • starting a blog or online business
  • rebranding your blog
  • SEO strategies
  • creating compelling content
  • ways to grow blog traffic that would work for your niche
  • affiliate marketing
  • Pinterest strategies
  • how to work with brands as a professional blogger
  • ways to monetize your blog
  • developing a business mindset for your blog
  • scaling up your blog into an online business
  • creating streamlined processes for your blog and business

8-Week One-on-One Coaching Program | $4500

  • Bi-weekly 1-hour coaching calls with me
  • Work together in creating an editorial calendar that aligns with your business goals and objectives
  • Develop systems that allow you to create with consistency and efficiency
  • Niche down
  • Build a community and audience that is primed to purchase and financially support your business
  • Learn to read contracts so you don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes
  • Access to monthly workshops ($497 value)
  • Access to pitching accelerator program ($1297 value)
  • Access to self-paced beginner blogger program ($999 value)

Pitch Perfect Accelerator| $1297 investment

Pitching is a big part of blogging and sometimes this can be really hard. In this 4-week accelerator program, we deep dive in a group setting into pitches. By the time you finish this accelerator, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop a pitch strategy
  • Find brands that align with your niche
  • Create a media kit
  • Develop pricing
  • Write pitches that will result in higher success

Workshop: Position Your Brand as a Profitable Business | $497 investment

Developing a long-standing doesn’t happen by accident. This workshop is a 2.5-hour live webinar that deep dives into:

  • Creating your customer avatar
  • Developing a business plan
  • Identify your brag bank
  • Develop strategy for streams of income

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