90-Day Beginner Blogger Masterclass – Group


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Beginning in January of 2020, this is a 3-month group course that includes the following hands-on class plus 1 one-on-one call with me:

Month 1: Getting Set-Up & Content Development

The first month is all about making sure that you’re set up for success with the basic of the basics. There won’t be much time spent on this but there will be extra help if needed. But if marketing is king, then content is queen and we’ll be focused on just how to develop the content that your audience is waiting for.

Month 2: The Social Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool–and lucrative too when used right! During this month-long focus, we’ll deep dive into Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook developing social media strategies that will compliment your blog strategy while creating a community.

Month 3: Get That Paper

Sure, blogging as a hobby is fun. But you know what’s even better? When you get paid to have fun. In this month we’ll be taking a look at the different outlets to increase your income, how they play into your business plan and how to implement them so you’re getting a return on your investment.


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