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Branding is a big part of success when it comes to business. Just think, when you see the black check, Nike comes to mind. When you see the red target, Target is immediately associated. So what is it that you legit need in order to have this type of brand awareness as an entrepreneur?

Let’s talk about it.

Branding is key with building a successful business. Here are 5 branding pieces you need and tips on where to get them from.

5 Branding Pieces You Need As An Entrepreneur

A Dope Logo

Not just any logo–a really good one. One that when people see it, it makes them feel the way your entire brand wants them to feel. For The Crunchy Mommy, I want people to feel inspired and welcome. Knowing this also influenced my color choices for my brand. For some, coming up with a logo design is easy–but for others, it’s sometimes not so easy. I wholeheartedly recommend my friend Jennae at Hibiscus Creative for this. She’s creative and really talented.

A Color Scheme

I mentioned above choosing colors for your brand. This is super important and can be really difficult. I like using for inspiration. They have sooooo many colors that coordinate and you can pull a lot of inspiration from them. They also give you the Hex code which is really important when communicating with your designers.

Branded Social Media Templates

Whether graphics are your thing or not, having branded image templates is key. We live in a world where things are really image-heavy so you need to be able to keep up. If coming up with the design isn’t your thing, I recommend Creative Market. They have templates that you can customize and keep handy for when you need them. These help with Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Business Cards

Some people think that not having business cards is better but I’m more old school. When I’m doing in-person networking, I like to be able to leave people with contact information. I get all my cards from Zazzle. They’re REALLY easy to customize and they have a bunch of different sizes. I’ve literally been ordering from them since 2008.

Other Branded Pieces

Is there something that is associated with your brand that you can make more personal? I collect mugs so I designed a mug for myself on Zazzle. People loved it so much they wanted to buy it. I also send handwritten notes and love sticky notes. I customized both of these on Zazzle too. So when I share pictures, there’s often some random branded piece that’s not too obvious in the picture with me.

Your turn: what other items are needed to create long-lasting branding for your business?