Let’s face it: most of us are working on the go. Whether you’re a blogger or other small business owner, photos matter in this visually stimulated society that we live in. Great pictures sell and while it’s nice to be able to shoot with a fancy DSLR, not everyone has this option. Shooting great pictures with your phone is the norm and because editing is a must, here are some of the best photo editing apps for your iPhone.


When I first started taking pictures, this was the app that I used to edit. It offers a wide range of manual edits, pre-made filters, and packages that you can buy. But beware, this app is pretty large and will take up a lot of space on your phone.

A Color Story

This was once my favorite photo editing app. They have amazing filters that work indoors, outside, on people and with food. This is still one of my go-to editors but I don’t like how it doesn’t have the brush feature. This app was created by the ladies behind A Beautiful Mess. They used to only have an app but now they also sell presets for Lightroom as well.

Most people work on the go. Just because you aren't using a fancy DSLR camera doesn't mean your photos should look like it! These are the best photo editing apps for your phone so you can put your best photos forward.


This one is my favorite right now. I love the versatility that using a brush has. I can manually create pop with the saturation brush. The preset filters here are not the greatest but they also offer a text feature which allows you to create your own watermark on pictures.


I’d been waiting on this. Canva makes creating professional photos look incredibly easy due to it’s drag and drop feature and user-friendly platform. This has also stayed true to the app. One of my favorite features is that what is done on the phone is added to the web application and vice versa. This makes business way easier.

These are just some of the awesome apps specifically designed for editing your photos–not necessarily creating text images.

What are the best photo editing apps for your phone in your opinion?