I left corporate America in 2015. I’m still surprised daily that I get up (or stay up) to work for myself. While there are some really great aspects of entrepreneurship, there are also a lot of things that you have to make adjustments for.

The first year of entrepreneurship can be a scary one. It's filled with so many learning experiences that can seem like you're failing when you're really just beginning! Here are some of the things to expect.

What To Expect In Your First Year of Entrepreneurship

Expect To Be Excited

Yes. You did it. You’ve left working for someone else and now you’re able to dedicate all your time to your baby, to your dreams, to your goals. This is an exciting time. This it the time to journal and write down all your idea, emotions, and steps you’d like to take to get there. And I say write it down for a reason.

Expect To Be Discouraged

In our heads and hearts, we want to jump into the first year of entrepreneurship and have all these opportunities followed by all these coins. This is NOT always the case unfortunately! Entrepreneurship is filled with many ups and downs. It’s quite literally a roller coaster that you need to hold on to or you might get sick. Many experts advise not to expect to start turning a profit for the first year to couple years you’re in business. It’s ok if it takes that long. During these times, you need to whip out the notebook you wrote down all your gushing when you were excited.

Expect To Be Confused

There comes a time in your business where you’re literally like, “Ok, what do I do next?” There’s confusion because you aren’t sure of next steps or directions. This is the time to revisit your businesses mission statement and vision. These are your guiding lights not only for your customers, but for you as well. I have a notebook where I’ve written out my business plan so that when I’m confused, I’m able to get the direction I need.

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Expect to Fail

Yes. I said it. If you aren’t “failing” then you aren’t growing. Failure is only failure if you sit in it and don’t make the necessary changes in order to be successful. Almost a year to the date of me pursuing my own business and I was having a minor meltdown, my brother gave me the best advice ever:

The only difference between entrepreneurs that succeed and those that fail is the ones who are successful failed faster and made changes faster than those who truly failed.

This statement couldn’t be more true.

Expect to Learn

Being an “expert” on something is almost ridiculous to me. How can you be an expert when things are consistently growing and changing? Understand that owning a business is a huge lesson in growth and development. Keep up with trends. Continue to learn. Don’t get complacent or comfortable feeling like an “expert”.

Expect to Succeed

Put it into the universe. Speak it into existence. And then put in that work.

Are you an entrepreneur? What would you add as an expectation for the first year of entrepreneurship?