One of the questions that I’m asked often about blogging is, “Since the blogging community is oversaturated, is there really space for me to be a blogger?” In a simple answer, yes, there is. How do you make space for yourself in this industry that produces on average 2 million blog posts daily? By using your blogging voice that is unique to you.

The best way to make space for yourself in this industry (or any really) is to find, develop and then use your voice. Your voice is derived from your life, your experiences, your sight, your feelings, your thoughts, and the things that make you, well, you. Don’t sleep on the importance of this–it’s needed.

How To Find Your Blogging Voice

Decide what your motivation is.

Are you an inspirational blogger? Are you funny? Are you serious? Do you give great instructions? When people are done reading your writing, how do you want them to feel? On, my goal is always to make women and moms feel inspired and empowered. I want them to read my writing and walk away feeling that they were just given a virtual hug. On this site, it’s more informational. When you’re done reading here, you should have something practical that you can use with your business.

Know what grammar rules you want to follow… And break.

Are you going to stay true to rules on not ending sentences with prepositions? Do you use ellipses? Are you open to starting sentences with “and” or “but”? Get your writing style down.

Formal Vs Informal

This is really important. I’m one of the most casual people in the world and I love that about myself. My writing is really informal–even here. But what style speaks to your voice?

Who is your audience?

Knowing who your audience is will help you to determine your voice because you’ll know how they need to hear the information you’re presenting to them. Not sure who your audience is? No worries! I have a free Customer Avatar Worksheet that will help with that.

What is your angle?

In truth, most things have all been written about. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your angle on it as well. One of the bloggers I love so much is Leah Segedie from Mamavation. Her angle is always to educate. She’s been conducting studies on different products and how safe they are for us to consume. She presents information in an easily digestible format and allows her readers to do with it what they will. Your angle is going to be one of the reasons people seek you out.

So you want to be a blogger? Yes, the industry is over-saturated and yes, you can be successful. How? With your unique blogging voice.

Using Your Blogging Voice

Now that you’ve established your blog voice, what does this look like? How does this manifest in your blog?

Create a style guide.

I didn’t realize how important a style guide was until I was a Managing Editor for This site is the brainchild of Marie Denee. Editing contributor posts and developing a content calendar was made easy because there was an established guide. offers a great template to use to create one.

Write a draft. And then read it aloud.

Yes, we’re still writing rough drafts as adults *wink wink*. Having that first draft allows you to flush out all your ideas. Reading it aloud allows you to make the ideas work in a way that flows and make sense.

Write about the things that matter to you.

If your target audience is interested in you and your thoughts then they’ll be interested in these things that matter to you as well. It’s also important to note that it’s more than ok to use your voice for social justice even if that’s not your niche. When you’re a blogger and you have a voice & platform, it’s your responsibility to use it.

Write daily.

Even if you aren’t hitting publish daily. Practice the art of writing and it will become second nature.

Read often.

Great writers are avid readers. Remember that.

What tips and tricks do you have for finding and using your blogging voice? 

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