Working with brands is the main reason why bloggers and influencers become, well, bloggers and influencers. I’ve received countless messages from fellow bloggers and influencers asking me how I work with brands. In truth, it’s easier than you would think!

Approaching Brands To Partner

In Person

Since blogging professionally, I’ve attended quite a few conferences and this is prime opportunity to reach out and approach brands. Here’s the thing: brands are looking to partner with influencers. Know this going in and it won’t be as intimidating. Depending on your comfort levels and what person from the brand is out at the conference, it might be a prime opportunity to pitch an idea for working together or at the very least do some discreet research on how they work together with influencers. This is also the opportunity to make yourself stand out against other bloggers. Relate to the person that you’re meeting so that you can follow up and include a bit about them in the follow up.

Email Pitch

This is a popular way to pitch. It can be nerve-wrecking to get the nerve up to send an email to a brand wanting to work for them but just remember that the worst they can say is “No”, right? Make sure that your headline is something catchy but not spammy. Make it clickable and interesting. Your first paragraph should be a quick intro to who and your audience are. Your second paragraph should highlight why you want to work with the brand and what YOU CAN DO FOR THE BRAND. Yes, all caps because this is important. I’ve seen far too many people wanting to pitch brands because of what they want from the brand not thinking about what’s best for the brand itself. If there is something specific that you’re asking for, state it. Then close. The email shouldn’t be too long and should contain your contact information.

Need more help with the pitch? Check out this resource by my girl Brandi from Mama Knows It All.

For influencers, working with brands is our bread and butter. You can't just be good at it, you have to be great. Here's how to win.

Partnering With The Brand

So the brand wants to work together. YESSSSSSS!!!!

But now what? 

Now is when you deliver. I used to just give a review of the product and boom, that was it. Sure, that worked but how does this really set you aside from someone who reviews products versus someone who influences others to make the purchase? It doesn’t and if you’re an influencer you should be doing the latter. Tell a story. Show how this product is easily incorporated into your life or how it could be incorporated into your audiences lives. This is important. Show the need for the product/service so that the partnership with the brand pays off. This matters.

Concluding The Partnership

Once your post goes live, be sure to send over the link to the post. Depending on how your social media is set up (I schedule a month out with CoSchedule). Promote these social amplifications hard. After a month, send a follow up email to your contact with the links to your social posts along with how they performed and if anything stood out. If you want to work together again, now’s a great time to pitch them another idea.

Remember, the best way for you to get that guap from the brands is to focus on getting the guap for them.

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