Your first impression is well worth the investment in yourself. While it’s not always easy, you should always put forth your best effort. To help you make it happen more often, here are three simple rules you should always follow. They are not the only great advice on making a good first impression, they are the things that will have the biggest impact – whether you get them right or wrong.

3 Rules To Making A Good First Impression

Rule #1 – Dress To Impress 

Pay attention to what you’re wearing. This may seem very superficial, but that’s what first impressions are all about. They are a first, quick judgment based on things like appearance. Overdress just a little if it’s an important first meeting like going to a job interview or meeting the future in-laws for the first time. 

At the very least make sure that what you’re wearing is neat and flattering. Don’t go crazy and when in doubt go for something somewhat conservative. You can always let your personality shine after you’ve made that great first impression. 

Rule #2 – Be On Time 

When I was in college, we were taught the saying,

To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is unacceptable.

Original unknown

Being on time makes you look prepared and reliable. But there’s another important reason for this. The world is made up of two types of people. The first group is a stickler for time. Being late is one of their biggest pet peeves. The other group has a more loose interpretation of being on time and doesn’t mind waiting for someone for a few minutes, or being late themselves. 

The problem is that you never know what camp the person you’re about to meet will fall into ahead of time. So be prepared and make sure you get there on time or even a little early. It’ll look good no matter how the person you’re meeting will feel about time and it will definitely keep you from making a bad impression with a time stickler. 

Ready to make a good first impression? Follow these 3 simple rules and get ready to wow everyone you meet!

Rule #3 – Think Before You Speak 

Last but not least, think before you speak. It’s easy to get nervous and just prattle on about anything and everything. It makes you look nervous and silly. Even worse, if you don’t think before you talk it’s very easy to put your foot in your mouth. Trust me, I’ve done it plenty of times. It’s not a good feeling and definitely a quick and easy way to ruin that first impression. 

This is not to say don’t be honest but rather, be intentional and impeccable with your word. If you’ve read The Four Agreements, you’ve heard this before.

What rules would you add?