Naptime. Not only are they great to restore and recharge after your child has run you ragged, this is also the time that you can catch up on a little bit of work–or a lot depending on how long your little one naps for. When I lay my toddler down for a nap and I don’t get caught up in my own pregnancy sleepiness, I do what I call naptime hustling. There are certain activities that don’t require too much time but have a great impact on your business.

Naptime Hustling: 7 Business Activities To Do While Your Kid Sleeps

1. Respond to emails

Total transparency here, emails are hard to get for me when the kids are awake. During their down time, I’m able to do some focused responding and reading. Most of the emails that I receive either need to be deleted or require a lot of focus–my emails are extremists obviously–and taking 15-30 minutes can be time it takes to make some money or a connection.

2. Schedule Social Media

I don’t schedule everything out for myself but I do a lot of scheduling for clients. If I haven’t taken 30 min in the morning to do scheduling of both my clients and I, then I catch up during this time. Blogging makes money, sure, but social media keeps people interested and engaged and this matters too.

3. Brainstorm your editorial calendar

I don’t think I could function without Evernote and this is where I keep most of my notes as it pertains to my sites. There and my bullet journal. Sometimes I just take a couple of minutes to jot down the first ideas that come to my head or that were inspired by something I saw missing on the internet and other times I’m taking those ideas and planning the calendar with them.

4. Listing brands to work with

One of the things I do with is partner with brands that are organic for me to work with as well as that my readers would be interested in. In order to really maximize the benefit for both myself and the brand, I research what I normally need or talk about. Listing these brands out and then following up with press contacts makes it easier for me when I sit down to my emails so I can pitch them with efficiency.

5. Pin

Yes, this is it’s own entity. I love Pinterest. I’m an avid pinner whether for pleasure of building my brand. During this naptime hustling time, I research things that I’m not quite an expert on–i.e. SEO–so that I can become an expert on it.

6. Take pictures

I know, this sounds weird but it’s not. Taking pictures for blog posts, social media, and other uses is important. Pictures tell an incredible story and sometimes they require a little extra time and staging. Plus, there’s nothing like an active toddler to mess up a picture you’re creating–unless it’s one of them!

7. Promote your site

I saved the best for last. Naptime hustling was made for business promo! You can use this time to set up Facebook ads, promote your latest blog post on various outlets, or create the content you’re preparing to promote.

Not that as a working mom (or dad) you don’t need the nap as well but using your time more efficiently so that when your mini is up running around you can be to is the point here.

What do you do for your naptime hustling?