I think I’m one of the rare bloggers that really loves sponsored work with brands. I get to be a conduit between a dope brand that I either already love or one that I will come to love and then share it with my audience. But I never do a standard review of the product and here’s why: Brands don’t always stay in business but a story is always relevant.

Storytelling: Where Products & Services Are the Star of the Show

When I was in college, I was the sales manager at Bath & Body Works. I was promoted because I had the highest amount of sales in our flagship store. When asked about how it was I made so many sales in such little time (I was a college student), I told them I talked to the customers, learned a need they had, and talked about how the product met that need. I never had to do in your face sales.

In blogging, this is what you have the ability to do with every post that’s sponsored. Through social media, you get an insider look at the needs of your audience. Based on these needs, you can find a product, service or brand that will fit this need and present it to your audience. Does a review do this? Yes and no. A review just highlights the good, the bad, the great. But telling the story about how this product/service met the need allows the potential customer to see themselves in you and your story making them more likely to buy the product.

But What If The Brand Just Wants A Review?

Give them that as well. In your words. In your story.

I remember receiving a subscription box that contained peppermint marshmallows. Guys. I LOVE marshmallows. But I hate peppermint and chocolate together–so gross! Now if I were to just have reviewed the box, then I would have probably included my disdain for the marshmallows. Instead of doing a straight up review, I told a story about WHO would like something like the marshmallows. Just because I hate the combo doesn’t mean that others won’t love it.

You can absolutely review a product while telling a story. And the best part of this is that if the business goes under, you can always replace the product or service with something that’s up and running so the content will always be relevant.

Do you do straight reviews or are you a storyteller?